La Asociación – Pereira (Teaser)

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Pereira (Teaser)

The latest video update from Colombia lacrosse.

There are currently 2 cities with active clubs within Colombia. The first being the biggest and most recognized city of Colombia, its capital, Bogota. The second being the charming small city of Pereira surrounded by lush mountains home to arguably the best coffee beans in the world. Colombia is a very culturally diverse country and the difference in culture and lifestyle between Bogota and Pereira can be seen through their respective video teasers and will be shown even more through the upcoming web series episodes. Although the 2 cities differ in many ways, they are eternally linked through the sport of lacrosse.

Team Colombia will feature representatives from both the Bogota and Pereira clubs, a big accomplishment for the men from Pereira who have only been practicing for one year. The Pereira club is run through La Universidad Tecnológica de Pereira with all players being current students of the school. This has formed a strong bond amongst the players that mimics university team structure in the United States. Additionally, as Colombia Lacrosse works to not only improve the skills of the players on the field but to empower them off the field as well by placing them in leadership positions within La Asociación many of the students are using skills they learn in the classroom to aid in the development of the sport.

We hope you enjoy the video and that you follow our indiegogo campaign which will include a video with voiceover and interviews explaining more about all the different things we are doing in Colombia to GROW THE GAME, and grow it in the right way. And as always, we welcome anyone and everyone who would like to support Colombia Lacrosse either by donating equipment, coming to Colombia to coach and play, or simply spreading the word.




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